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Building Services

Projects and Renovations

Our building services include extensive, (that’s extensive with a t, not a p), renovations which can involve partial or entire rebuilds. However, if you have smaller projects needing to be seen to, you may well find something similar here, that we’ve done for others. Perhaps the smallest job was rehanging pictures. 

Drawings | Artist’s Impressions

There’s an artist in the house! Now and again, we’ve needed to communicate how something will look. As a digital artist, ( I don’t pretend to produce highly accurate technical drawings at the level of an architect or product designer, but in each case, the client had a picture instead of a thousand words, so there was some idea of what to expect.

In one of the cases, the building went ahead according to the conceptual drawing and it all worked successfully. 

Other drawings required line drawings or a more realistic presentation of what could be expected e.g. with a sliding wooden door instead of an aluminium version.

It’s not often that clients need these, but it’s a useful building service to offer and it helps people to reach a decision, or in the case of the kitchen cupboard drawings, to pass the specs along to someone who will make the cupboards.

House Renovations

This is a selection from the home renovations done so far. To view each renovation in more detail, click on the dropdown from Building Services/House Renovations.  


Building Projects

A building project can be anything from having a new floor installed (partially or fully); a ceiling replacement; a bathroom renovation or a complete add-on of a new bathroom; fixing or replacing doors or windows; sanding and revarnishing parquet; tiling; painting, or even just hanging pictures or fixing a stubborn garage door or a light. 

These are just a few of the things Stephan has done which fall under ‘projects’. Access more about our projects from the dropdown menu: Services/ Projects.



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