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parquet floor sanded

Floors affect the texture of your daily life at the most basic level.

South Africans especially, who love going barefoot at home (and even to the shops sometimes) experience the texture and temperature and ‘personality’ of floors more intensely.


So it makes a lot of sense to give some thought to what floors bring to your day. Do your feet meet a soft carpet or a mat when they swing out of bed? Or are there cool floorboards, or cold tiles?

Each house and its style also dictates what is suitable in the rooms. Hard modern geometry lies uneasily in a centuries-old heritage cottage. High traffic areas need to be considered, how warm or how cold the house would be as well as the possibility of damp. Many old houses have no damp courses, for instance, so rising damp eventually damages the edges of wooden floors and they start to collapse.

Parquet is much sought after, and many an ugly carpet conceals… ugly parquet, that may be rotten in places and wearing many coats of dirty wax build-up. These are a joy to renew, bringing a completely new feeling to a room.

Apartments and houses with parquet flooring are usually quite spacious as well, as was the custom for the time in which they were built, and a beautiful expanse of parquet is almost a pity to cover with a carpet or rug.

Then again, it depends on the carpet…




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