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General woodwork projects

St.16 French 015

As said elsewhere, Stephan loves woodwork with a passion.

Here’s a variety of woodwork projects, including a handmade cupboard, windows, floors and a gate.


Stephan has also in recent times come up with innovative solutions to cut costs, while still retaining the beauty of the undamaged material. For instance, the central section of the floor shown here, retains the original boards which had been damaged by damp right around three sides of the perimeter. That was removed and replaced with aged but sound Oregon pine boards, leaving the old flooring in the middle, like a carpet. For more on floors specifically, see (surprise!) ‘Floors’.

If you have a thorny problem to do with woodwork, Stephan will probably come up with an innovative solution. It is one of his passions to dream up creative outcomes, especially with older buildings.


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