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Windows for a ‘grande dame’


A heritage building in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town, had windows which were in a dire condition.

This was largely due to the windows facing directly into the South Easter and the rain it brings every winter. Stephan was asked if he would replace them with aluminium versions. He almost wept. After an impassioned persuasion, the client was happy to hear that such drastic (and ugly) measures were unnecessary. They could be repaired and renovated to their former glory.

If you are contemplating a similar replacement, please know that such windows can usually be rehabilitated, especially if your building is old and beautiful. Even the sash versions are not an insurmountable problem.

As you will see from the photos, one window and its frame needed to have some wood replaced. All but one of the windows in the front of the building, had to have the putty removed and replaced with wooden strips. The remaining one (bottom right) was still good enough to be repainted only. Finally, the gables were given a facelift to match the new features.

We would like to thank John Bauer for referring us to this client.

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